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Monday, July 27, 2015

Registration is OPEN!

It's that time again...

EdCamp Chicago Fall Edition

Libertyville High School

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Would you like to sponsor us for breakfast or lunch? Check this page for our sponsors!


Mark Smithivas said...

Just curious, why do you call yourselves EdCamp Chicago if all your events are in the northern suburbs? Are there any that are held within the city limits?

Brendan Murphy said...

The main determination for location is usually the offer of a space for free. If you can find a school or other suitable place (with wifi, and parking) we would love to work with you host an EdCamp.
Of course the edcampchicago name is not owned or trademarked so you could also go it without any help if you wish.
The core of edcamps is the wikipage this domain is used because one of the original organizers bought the domain and paid for it for 5 years.

John kooper said...

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Breaking Mad said...

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