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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meet Stephanie Hopkins and the New Edcamp Chicago Logo!

The next Edcamp Chicago is fast approaching! It is less than three weeks away now! There are still a (very) few spots left if you haven't registered yet. We will be sharing information here as we get ready for another great event, you'll be able to get to know the team that is organizing Edcamp this time around, hear about the great sponsors we have, and find information about what to expect the day of the event. Let us know if you have any questions!

Today we are sharing the new Edcamp Chicago logo and introducing Stephanie Hopkins. We wanted to put a Chicago twist on the Edcamp logo and Stephanie worked on creating the logo you see above. We think it looks fantastic! Thanks, Stephanie!
Stephanie Hopkins, Edcamp Chicago Organizer
Stephanie works as a teacher in Early Childhood Special Education in School District U-46. Previously, she has worked as a Deaf Educator for Intermediate Students with Multiple Needs (NIA-Coop). When it comes to Edcamp, she's most excited about to participate in an event that is for teachers and by teachers.  She think it will help us all increase our excitement and knowledge in an interactive and meaningful way. She is passionate about Social Media and technology and excited to share what she has been doing in her classroom while also learning new strategies and ideas from peers. Stephanie believes engagement is vital in early childhood.

Here is Stephanie's story about what inspired her to become an educator: "When I was 14, I met a 3 year old adorable Deaf girl. That is when I started learning sign language. Throughout most of high school, however, I thought I wanted to be a nurse. I never would have made it through Pharmacology! I participated in the preschool program in HS and spent half of my day senior year in a teacher prep program at an elementary school for the Deaf. Along the way I met some amazing Deaf Educators and mentors at my high school who made me realize teaching is where I need to be!"

When asked what her favorite Social Media platform is she said, "I would have to say Twitter is my current favorite. I have been on Twitter personally for a few years; however, I have only discovered the magnificent benefits of using Twitter professionally in the last several months! I can log on at any time of day, for minutes or hours, to engage in interactive discussion about new ideas or to read a fabulous article. I can also chat with peers about the fun and crazy parts of being a preschool teacher!"

When asked what device she can't live without, she said, "My iPhone! It is practically another appendage. I never need to use the "Find my Phone" app because I always have it with me! It allows me to stay in constant contact with my family, friends, and other professionals any time I want. I am able to share photos, ideas, or conversation at my convenience. I can also pay my bills and look up the answer to any random question I have!"

If you would like to learn more about Stephanie and her work, you can find her here

Twitter: @StephKHopkins

She also manages her district's Birth to Five initiative on Social Media:
Twitter: @U46GiveMeFive

Last, but not least, just for fun, we asked Stephanie "If you were a Starbucks drink, what kind of drink would you be?" She said, "Not sure. But I do know I love a good Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!" Thanks for taking time to read about Stephanie and get to know her. Check back for more Edcamp Chicago learning and fun as we gear up for April 27th!


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