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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet Michael Thornton and Student Volunteers

Tips for a Successful EdCamp Experience -- Tip #4

Remember the rule of two feet.  At Edcamp Chicago, we want you to get the most out of your learning experience. Did you end up in a session that isn’t what you expected?  Feel free to use those feet of yours to take you to a session that better meets your learning needs.

And if you find yourself and your two feet making your way to a different session, be sure to look for our student volunteers who will be ready and willing to help you find your way! They will be wearing Edcamp t-shirts. You also might encounter them in sessions and hosting their very own session. Our student volunteers are members from the Future Teachers Clubs from U-46. We appreciate their willingness to support Edcamp Chicago!

Our student volunteers will be led by Michael Thornton. Michael is a Teacher Leader in the TEI Department at School District U-46. He has 10-years of teaching experience at the high school level. He has taught classes in Law, Sociology, U.S. History, and Civics. He is looking forward to the opportunity to share and learn from other educators in the area and to learning more about using technology to connect students so that they can learn from each other. He would like to have a discussion about how we are assessing students and how those assessments are being used to foster learning. 

If you want to learn more about Mike and his work, you can find him here:

Twitter: @MThornton1026 

Michael believes Twitter is the best social media platform for self-directed professional development and he could not live with out his cell phone. He told us, "it is my communication device, my planner, my personal assistant, and sometimes a form of entertainment." 

When we asked Michael what Starbucks drink he would be, 
he told us he would be a Mocha Latte, and explained, "Enjoyable from start to finish. My favorite!"

Thank you to Michael for inviting and organizing the  
student volunteers from the Future Teachers Clubs!


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