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Friday, October 5, 2012

Coming of Age

For a conference that started with an idea and has spread through an organic grassroots process it has been amazing to watch #edcamp grow.

The first #EdCampChicago was 5/20/2011, The very first #EdCamp just a year before that. At first it was amazing just to see the enormous popularity among teachers. Next, it was the amazing growth and development that was happening. Then came the blog posts. Finally, comes the acceptance.

True I still get a lot of blank stares when I mention EdCamp, but that just means it is still relatively unknown. Two changes this year that mark the development of the unconference format as a legitimate source of professional development for educators.

First, last February I offered Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU)
CPDU - Continuing Professional Development Unit: a measurement used in continuing professional development to award credit for participation in a broad range of activities, including action research, staff development programs, curriculum design, mentoring, supervision of a student teacher, workshops and seminars, etc. CPDUs generated by workshops, seminars and conferences are earned at the rate of one for each hour of participation. Such a workshop or seminar must be offered by an approved provider.
Being a registered CPDU provider I was able to offer these to participants in #EdCampChicago who wanted them. (Surprisingly few people wanted them).

Second, this year not only do we have repeat sponsors (here and at other edcamps around the country), but I’ve had companies email me and ask if we would like to give away stuff at EdCampChicago. (Think about that for a second. They didn’t ask for a sponsorship table. They didn’t ask to come sell stuff to teachers. They asked if we wanted to give away stuff.)

So with that in mine I’d like to remind everyone who our sponsors are this year. Including the two new sponsors who have joined us in just the last month.





Florence Pfaff said...

This is one great offer. It is surprising that few people are interested in Continuing Professional Development. Human resources of companies should have this units so as to effectively balance their training and development efforts. I guess, it just needs a little bit of marketing like printed t shirts perhaps.

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