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Monday, December 5, 2011

Creditworthy Conference

A new edition this year. I thought it might be nice to get some credit for taking the initiative and furthering our own education. So I signed up to be a Professional Development Provider with the State of Illinois. This means I can and will provide continuing professional development units (CPDU) to those who wish to earn them. Email me for more details.
This was both and easy decision and a difficult one. I think we all deserve credit for coming to EdCamp. I think we learn more than we would in most sponsored professional developments, if simply because we are choosing what we want to learn.
On the other hand I think an unconference can very easily devolve into a CPDU factory. (Which would make it on par with the majority of sponsored professional developments.)
I don’t want that to happen. We as teachers need to take charge of our profession. We need to be saying, “This is what good high quality education looks like.” Then we need to take what we learned back to our districts and use it to improve our classrooms and our schools.
That is happening now. That is what we are doing when we take our valuable time and use it to further our own professional education. I don’t want to dilute that effort by giving people the option of coming to EdCamp to earn cheap CPDU’s. I do want to acknowledge that we work hard to improve our own craft. I would also like to acknowledge that educators can and should be the leaders in our own professional development. Thus the option of earning CPDU's.


Thomas Woodall said...

I hope soon, CPUD units can be earned by watching lectures or reading lecturettes then providing exercises. It would also be an enriching experience if there are available videos like the ones posted on the web as corporate video production perth.

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